Secure your Business - and your Assests


Theft from Retail Stores is a Multi Million Dollar Enterprise that significantly erodes profits from retailers of all sizes. As retailers seek to combat the prevalence of Shoplifting, the trend in utilising Loss Prevention Officers has dramatically increased. It has been suggested that 80% of Theft occurs because of 'Opportunity'. Therefore this opportunity needs to be limited. In addition to electronic surveillance, NPS Security's retail or loss prevention officers offer either an Overt or Covert Security presence - equipped to deter and detect offenders and ultimately reduce loss of stock and profits.

Key Benefits

  1. The presence of uniformed or corporate attired NPS Security loss prevention officers in your store can act as a visual deterrent to prospective shoplifters consequently reducing loss.
  2. It has been estimated that of the annual loss to organisations through theft, only 25% is attributable to customers, therefore the remaining 75% is non-customer loss, for example theft by vendors or employees. NPS Security can provide officers to maintain non-customer entry and exit points to reduce this occurrence.
  3. Often to accompany the electronic audible detection system used at the entrance of many retailers, a NPS Security officer at the entrance provides extra security in addition to excellent customer service.


Proper and appropriate personal presentation is an asset to all who we represent and is an effective way of communicating the standards we expect. Nobile Protective Services Security officers are experienced, capable and fully equipped to provide specialised security support in a number of different areas within the security industry.

Available to cater for 24 hour support, NPS Officers are reliable and available to work on a fixed, rotating or casual basis dependent on the clients requirements. NPS Security can work with you to tailor a package and security team to best suit your requirements.

Retail Security Services

Shopping centres provide considerable opportunity for theft of property and retail items as well as vandalism, loitering and other delinquent activities. Furthermore, due to the high volume of customers and people passing through, there is an increased requirement to staff present that are adequately trained in first aid. NPS Security officers can conduct uniformed and/or covert patrols of the shopping centre, car parks, loading docks and surrounding areas to minimise loss and damage, prevent delinquency, provide customer service and maintain the desired image of the centre. All NPS Security personnel have been trained in level 2 first aid and have excellent communication and customer service skills. Furthermore, NPS Security can tailor a security team with the staff and requirements to best suit the centre's needs.
Subject to individual requirements, NPS Security overt officers can conduct regular patrols of the retail floor and docks in either an NPS Security uniform or corporate attire to suit the desired appearance. In doing so, a security presence is obvious and provides a visual deterrence to potential shoplifters and reduces loss through means other than customers. Overt officers may also be engaged in a meet and greet position at the store entry point, providing excellent customer service while continuing to attend to loss prevention requirements. These requirements may include assessing suspicious persons, checking bags and articles being carried from the store, attending to items that trigger the audible alarms and approaching and apprehending shoplifters immediately outside the store.
NPS Security's Covert Security Operators Patrol the store in civilian attire looking for suspect persons and behaviour. Our staff keep suspicous persons under observation while they remain in the store. Covert operators are a non-intimidating and unobvious presence used to detect shoplifters and maintain a constant visual of them, apprehending them upon leaving the store. Through detection, rather than just deterrence of shoplifters, a file of suspect persons can be established which can assist in increased efficiency and further protection of assets.

To combat the 75% non-customer loss, an NPS Security officer can be utilised in securing staff entry points and other non-customer access points such as loading docks. Many large retail outlets have a separate entry for staff as well as docks for loading and unloading goods, therefore this presents an opportunity for dishonesty. By utilising an NPS Security officer, authorised persons accessing and leaving from these entry/exit points can be required to produce proof of purchase for goods and appropriate documentation for store transfers, alterations, damaged items and deliveries etc. Furthermore, a restriction of large bags can be enforced and bags larger than recommended size be secured with an officer at the staff entry.


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