Secure your Business - and your Assests


Maintaining the integrity of prominent clients, corporations, hotels, resorts, and high profile events requires professional and delicate procedural operations that necessitate high consideration and diplomacy. Whether it is a visual, discreet or covert presence required, NPS Security can establish a reliable and experienced team of professionals to work with the client in a manner most appropriate to suit the various needs, locations and conditions.

Key Benefits

  1. The presence of uniformed or corporate attired NPS Security loss prevention officers in your store can act as a visual deterrent to prospective shoplifters consequently reducing loss.
  2. It has been estimated that of the annual loss to organisations through theft, only 25% is attributable to customers, therefore the remaining 75% is non-customer loss, for example theft by vendors or employees. NPS Security can provide officers to maintain non-customer entry and exit points to reduce this occurrence.
  3. Often to accompany the electronic audible detection system used at the entrance of many retailers, a NPS Security officer at the entrance provides extra security in addition to excellent customer service.


Proper and appropriate personal presentation is an asset to all who we represent and is an effective way of communicating the standards we expect. NPS Security officers are experienced, capable and fully equipped to provide specialised security support in a number of different areas within the security industry. Available to cater for 24 hour support, NPS officers are reliable and available to work on a fixed, rotating or casual basis dependent on the clients requirements. NPS Security can work with you to tailor a package and security team to best suit your requirements.

Corporate Security Services

Maintaining the integrity of the client is a significant consideration for NPS Security personnel. We understand the requirement for flexibility, confidentiality and respect and can provide security for various operations dependent on individual requirements. Asset and personal protection, threat assessment, crowd control and access control are high priorities in the instances of protests, high profile visitors, high profile events, even securing highly confidential documentation or areas and therefore require security officers with experience, diplomacy and high self-regard.
High profile hotels and resorts require a security presence that meets their standards and is discreet, professional and customer service oriented. NPS Security have high quality assurance standards and believe that no matter how exceptional the uniform or corporate attire looks, any benefit from it will be lost if the wearer is seen to be undisciplined or undignified in his or her manner. That is why our personnel are constantly made aware of the necessity to always be conscious of their behaviour, body language and self-representation, never losing site of the fact that they are an ambassador for NPS Security and the client.
On occasion security personnel are required to be present as a precautionary measure but not visual or obvious. During these operations NPS Security can provide security personnel in civilian attire who are reliable, discrete and professional. This may include any company, retail or hospitality outlet where there is threat or potential threat of protest activity, damage or injury; being required to follow a client in a vehicle; maintaining safety and integrity of persons at events or different premises. A representative from NPS Security can meet with you to tailor a covert security operation that will best suit your needs.


Safe. Secure. Trusted.