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NPS Security are leaders in security guard work. Providing a competitive service that is exceptional and tailored to suit the clients individual needs, NPS Security has developed a strong staffing base with specialist skills in guard work and mobile patrols. We have an excellent record with our clientele and both our male and female guards are trained to provide support in many different situations. We always offer flexibility whilst not losing site of the company and staff's reliability and veracity.

Key Benefits

To provide you with the best possible service, NPS Security provide site appraisals, select staff best suited to your site requirements and are contactable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Proven to be very cost effective, the use of NPS Security officers in either static or mobile positions have an identifiable advantage in preventing the loss of assets and property damage. Used in conjunction with each other, NPS Security's static and mobile security officers offer total site and asset protection.

Whether it is for confidentiality reasons, health and safety purposes or any other motive. NPS Security can provide experienced staff to manage and secure entrance and exit posts for any location where maintaining site integrity is a major priority.


NPS Security officers are experienced, capable and fully equipped to provide specialised security support in a number of different areas within the security industry. Available to cater for 24 hour support, NPS officers are available to work on a fixed, rotating or casual basis dependent on the clients requirements.

Proper and appropriate personal presentation is an asset to all who we represent and is an effective way of communicating the standards we expect. NPS Security officers are experienced, capable and fully equipped to provide specialised security support in a number of different areas within the security industry. Available to cater for 24 hour support, NPS officers are reliable and available to work on a fixed, rotating or casual basis dependent on the clients requirements. NPS Security can work with you to tailor a package and crowd control team to best suit your requirements.

Security Guards

Static Guards:

NPS Security static security officers are regularly deployed to maintain site integrity and control all entry and exit points. Vehicle and gate control is often a major function performed by static guards at sites where there is regular interaction with employees and visitors, as is regular periodic inspections of the site perimeter, access control for other areas such as office sitting, preventing unauthorised access into sensitive or confidential areas, maintaining restricted access control in the occasion of a electronic security fault, reducing theft through employee and/or customer entry and exit points at stores, or even operating the reception area at a large office or residential building.

Mobile Patrols:

NPS Security provides a mobile patrol service which can be utilised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are used to carry out periodic inspections of premises and equipment. Subject to individual client requirements this includes checking the areas and/or streets approaching the site; the entry and exit points; the perimeter fences and gates and all doors, windows, skylights, etc. Further considerations may include checking fire exits and equipment, uncommon sounds, details of unknown persons present, security and safety lighting, and turning off, where necessary, all non-designated lightning and electrical equipment, as well as reporting on any malfunction, notable incident, unsafe situation or equipment problem. NPS mobile patrols deter vandals and unauthorised persons, provide early detection of crime, property damage or equipment faults, and provide peace of mind

Crowd Control:

In more recent times with advanced knowledge and the introduction of licensing requirements in a 1990 amendment to the Private Agents Act 1966, the general perception of crowd controllers has become more acceptable and approachable, leading crowd control staff to develop a key role in customer service. Crowd controllers assist in maintaining a safe, comfortable and positive environment for everyone. Furthermore, we believe that as they are often the face of the business, being the first thing people see when they arrive and the last thing they see when they leave, it is essential that crowd controllers employed by NPS Security have a high level of interpersonal and communication skills, preferably with extensive experience in customer service prior to employment

Key Benefits

  • The presence of crowd controllers at a venue or event provide the first and last point of contact for patrons. Therefore, NPS Security can provide a customer service focused crowd control team to suit the location which can have a positive impact on maintaining a happy environment and return patronage.
  • Through interaction with management and subject to individual requirements, the use of NPS Security's crowd controllers can work in conjunction with other staff to encourage sensible admission practices, monitor problem areas, limit intoxication levels and constantly supervise patrons, ultimately promoting the well-being of staff and patrons
  • In accordance with state legislation, the presence of NPS Security's crowd controllers at the entrance to licensed and/or restricted areas will prevent the unauthorised access of minors, intoxicated persons or excluded patrons to these areas.

Special Events:

NPS Security have experienced and reliable male and female staff able to provide crowd control, asset protection, access control, mobile patrols, first aid, etc. for any outdoor or indoor special events. Our officers are courteous, professional and take pride in representing the company and the clients needs. NPS Security staff are aware of the fact that 'atmosphere' is a major consideration in patron attendance, therefore the requirement to contribute positively to this is a major consideration for us. While the duties are basically similar to that of regular crowd control, NPS Security is also aware of the variety of duties special events require and of the need to be flexible. After meeting with you to discuss your requirements, NPS Security can customise a security team at a competitive rate to suit your needs


Licensed Venues:

Licensed venues provide an environment for people to go and enjoy themselves, however, due to licensing requirements and in the interest of maintaining a safe and comfortable environment, the consumption of alcohol must be regulated, unacceptable behaviour addressed and entry controlled and restricted. NPS Security can provide male and female crowd controllers to work the door and floor of venues, and in doing so, protect and enhance the image and reputation of the venue consequently encouraging return patronage. We consider our crowd controllers to be service providers, creating a positive and professional first impression as they greet patrons entering the premises, and maintaining the safety of people and property inside.

Gaming Venues:

With the ever increasing popularity of electronic gaming machines, an increasing requirement to encourage responsible service of gaming and a prohibition of minors from entering restricted areas or playing gaming machines in non-restricted areas, NPS Security can provide crowd controllers to control entry points and monitor gaming or restricted areas. Controlling and monitoring entry points and gaming areas prevents unauthorised access of minors and self-excluded or excluded persons from gaming areas, prevents and/or detects unacceptable behavior or damage to property and provides and extra customer service, subject to the requirements of the client.


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